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zombiethederg 🙂 21 hours ago

what if I went and just drew a new layout for my website as practice for artfight... hmms....

zombiethederg 🙂 1 day ago

if I wasnt demotivated before I am now lol

zombiethederg 🙂 3 days ago

might be in a lul of activity when it comes to website stuff... just hasnt been feelings it...

zombiethederg 🙂 4 days ago

sorry I havent been around as much, been a rough past week :P feeling a lil better but probably wont webmaster for a bit

zombiethederg 🙂 6 days ago

what if I drew the stuff for my website update myself... im no good at drawing like. people / characters but I sure can background.... hm...

zombiethederg 😭 7 days ago

the thoughts of redesigning my entire website is hitting me again but im not an artist so instead im SOBBING

zombiethederg 🥺 9 days ago

really hard to motivate myself to work on my games n whatnot... i'll get to it I swears

zombiethederg 🙂 10 days ago

going to dinner for my moms birthday tonight!! a good wind down after going to the celebration of a country whos goverment I hate

zombiethederg 🤔 12 days ago

Need to add more people to cool city.. might have to surf awhile to find some new citizens...

zombiethederg ❤️ 13 days ago

Fixed my webbed site!!! no more bad alignment!! Yoppee!!!

zombiethederg 😭 13 days ago

I got my new PC.... and now my entire websites fucked up... determination mono gone.... my webrings fucked up... sigh.... got t fix that....

zombiethederg 🤩 14 days ago

My dads new PC got here which means I can have his old one!!! I saw him run Ghosts of Tsushima on it at 60FPS so im getting hooked UP!!!

zombiethederg 🥱 14 days ago

Really happy to have made the Safari Zone work.. now its on to other projects... of which I have 500 of.... damn.

zombiethederg 🤩 17 days ago

Wow!!! 1000 hits to my webbed site!! this is so epic!!!

zombiethederg 🙂 18 days ago

just ate hot cheetos and a peanut buttur n nutella sammich.... yummny....

zombiethederg 🙂 18 days ago

I finally got the email that my account was approved!! Hi everyone :D