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zestpunk 💡 4 days ago

Discovered slideshows on w3schools & am sticking them all over my site. I'd like to code my own system eventually but this works in a pinch.

zestpunk 🥱 11 days ago

Huh...I forgot it was the 4th of July...

zestpunk 😶 14 days ago

How the hell do you adjust zonelets' CSS...everything I do breaks the blog RAAAAAAH-

zestpunk 🎶 14 days ago

Found a last.fm widget to add to my site. Now people can see and judge my music taste in real time! Oh boy!

zestpunk 🙃 15 days ago

I'm keeping my website simple and to the point. I don't want to redo the layout for the 50th time lol. As long as it works.

zestpunk 🥱 21 days ago

I'm back at it again. Coding and coding and CODING. Will I ever be satisfied with my website? Probably not. It's fun to make tho.

zestpunk 🙃 76 days ago

I have been tearing down and building my site from the ground up so many times. There must be at least 20 iterations. At least I'm learning

zestpunk 🙂 121 days ago

Thanks to one 1k silver insignia pull, I managed to get both Crimson Coral and Elder Faerie cookie in one fell swoop hell yeah.

zestpunk ✨ 122 days ago

I have been suffering, coding nonstop for days and days, fucking up my sleep schedule and losing track of time...I love it.

zestpunk ✨ 126 days ago

Testing, testing! Mic check one, two! This is a test of the status cafe system!