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zepp - He/They

Newer to the indie/slow web but loving the people I've met so far! I am working on learning HTML/CSS at the moment but am not always the best at sticking to studying. But I do very much want to participate in more of the wider community!

Check out my cat's homepage thiscat.rocks


zepp 🎮 7 days ago

Getting into Fallout 4 and also learning how to fix some of the oddities of the game

zepp 🐱 14 days ago

Added a new page to my cat's homepage detailing cute/interesting behavior he has displayed

zepp 🥰 21 days ago

Rainy day vibes: Playing video games while your cat sleeps next to you

zepp ✈️ 21 days ago

I always set my Nextcloud status to vacationing, though I never am

zepp 💻 22 days ago

Got nextcloud installed on a server with ample storage space for my needs!

zepp 😭 23 days ago

I woke up with a horrible headache. What did I do in my sleep to deserve this??

zepp 🥱 24 days ago

Ready for a 2nd nap right before work. Coffee save me!

zepp 🎮 27 days ago

Workweek was hectic. Taking the weekend for some video games I think!

zepp 🤔 33 days ago

Had a productive weekend working on a homepage for my cat. Back to work this week thinking about what I'll create next!

zepp 💻 34 days ago

Just set up multifactor authentication on my VPS for extra security when using SSH

zepp 💻 35 days ago

Working on my cat's homepage this weekend. This might take longer than I thought, definitely need to refactor later

zepp 🐱 35 days ago

Going to make a homepage for my cat. I haven't even made my own yet!

zepp 💻 36 days ago

Thinking about switching some parts around on my PC. Not a full rebuild but optimizing it a bit

zepp 🌧️ 38 days ago

Had a nice evening spring storm roll through. Cooled things down a bit for work tonight

zepp 🐱 38 days ago

I wish I could wake up as fast as my cat. A quick yawn and a stretch and the little dude is ready to go. Envy that

zepp ☕️ 39 days ago

Very sleepy, need coffee

zepp 🌙 40 days ago

Back to work tonight. Hoping to study some more this week as well

zepp 💻 40 days ago

Finished the typography lesson in the FreeCodeCamp HTML and CSS course. Taking a well deserved break as it was a lot

zepp ❤️ 40 days ago

Just pet my cat for a solid 20 minutes. He was so happy and full of purrs

zepp 🥱 41 days ago

Love naps but the process of waking up is not ideal

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