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I'm zj! Statuscafe didn't let me make a two-character username, rip. Feel free to have a look at my site ^_^


zeejay 💻 58 days ago

Added the brand-new internet neighbours page! More sites will be added with time :)

zeejay 📰 59 days ago

Today I've made the site less of an eyesore on mobile and added the ability to input your site in guestbook (so I can check it out :P)

zeejay 🥰 60 days ago

Just made my first site button!! It's on my home page :D

zeejay 📰 61 days ago

Added brand new Resources page! Go check it out :3 also updated scrapbook

zeejay 🙂 61 days ago

Maybe I can use this thing to keep track of site updates ^_^