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I like working on my little projects
they/them | she/her


zagura ✨ 279 days ago

wanna make a belt-mounted bag...

zagura 😎 288 days ago

made some new icons for my site's home page. I'm quite happy with them

zagura 🙂 293 days ago

still not satisfied with my website, im torn between making it slick vs creative, and having a hard time achieving both at the same time

zagura ✨ 305 days ago

trying to find my new website style again

zagura 💻 306 days ago

installed elementary os.. a bit janky, but i rly love the idea, so imma try to stay for a while

zagura 💻 320 days ago

Working on voxel stuff

zagura 📖 348 days ago

Trying to read the dragon book (the one about compilers and stuff)

zagura 😱 353 days ago

The nouns in Erzya are fucking wild

zagura 💻 359 days ago

worst thing about my programming uni assignments is that many of them make me write a lot of boilerplate code

zagura 💻 359 days ago

gtk development is kinda frustrating ngl

zagura 😶 361 days ago

i think i'll have to make a twitter account just to keep up with spanish politics :(

zagura 😭 363 days ago


zagura 🥳 370 days ago

OMGG discord added my most desired feature: favorite channels!!!

zagura 🤒 372 days ago

i think im getting quite sick

zagura 🙂 379 days ago

got back into gtk development, im soooo happyyyyy

zagura 🤩 383 days ago

liberation serif is becoming my favorite font

zagura 🙃 384 days ago

just cut my nails (from long claws to like 2 mm of the white part), and it feels soooo trippy

zagura 😡 384 days ago

discord is soo painfully slow again

zagura ✏️ 384 days ago

slowly redoing my conlang, now with cases and conjugations

zagura 😎 387 days ago

my website's status widget works now! it was a CSP problem

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