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I like working on my little projects


zagura 😭 58 days ago

trying to migrate from rocket to actix, and im dying

zagura 🍶 59 days ago

i LOVE drinking water

zagura 💡 61 days ago

the sun is making me start liking light theme

zagura 🙂 61 days ago

im so happy with how my forum thingie is coming together!!

zagura ✨ 63 days ago

@airdoggy me encanta como hiciste para tener los botones abajo en tu perfil! te lo robo

zagura 🥳 63 days ago

im working on a lil forum thingie, and i managed to implement user authenticationnnnnnnnnn

zagura 💻 64 days ago

got inspired to make a forum thingie or something

zagura 😡 65 days ago

github is acting up

zagura 💻 65 days ago

Compressing my website (images) again

zagura 🥳 65 days ago

I passed algebraaaa yeee

zagura 🥱 66 days ago

gotta fix my sleeping schedule

zagura 💻 66 days ago

just did a html hack to get pronouns displayed on my page

zagura 🥰 66 days ago

feeling lucky to have my boyfriend

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