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z0mbiedeer 🐶 6 days ago

been playing a lot ofg animal crossing. maybe i should make a page for my new horizons island

z0mbiedeer 🐱 81 days ago

sorry for the lack of site updates! warrior cats has consumed my mind

z0mbiedeer 🐶 117 days ago

love rlly is the whole point!

z0mbiedeer 🐶 123 days ago

HI! hoping to get back to updating again soon! life so busy

z0mbiedeer 🥳 196 days ago

happy near year! i've been so bad at updating my site OOPS!

z0mbiedeer 🔥 238 days ago

uncovered a bunch of my old vhs tapes from when i was little from storage im so happy i thought they were GONE 4EVER!

z0mbiedeer 📺 250 days ago

rewinding thrifted cassettes kind of night

z0mbiedeer 🤒 262 days ago

there is nothing i understand less than the sudden flood of annoying than usual south park fans in the 2020s. where did these kids come from

z0mbiedeer 📺 277 days ago

panasonic 20" vcr tv combo is a beautiful name for a baby girl

z0mbiedeer 😡 284 days ago


z0mbiedeer 🥳 306 days ago

19 now happy birthdayu 2 me

z0mbiedeer 👽 325 days ago

tream fortress troo

z0mbiedeer 🐶 378 days ago

harley poe merch aquired i feel whole as a human being

z0mbiedeer 🌈 404 days ago

kjbgkjd gdkfjghsdfkjgg

z0mbiedeer 🥃 439 days ago

i love my cowboys so much

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