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he/she/they i like tea


yuzu-cha 🥰 379 days ago

project diva mega mix i want youuuuu

yuzu-cha 😇 392 days ago

i love creating silly things!!!

yuzu-cha 😎 397 days ago

man i LOVE browsing websites. everyone your creations are so coool!!

yuzu-cha 😛 399 days ago

david mahan of harvard cs50 dogbless

yuzu-cha 🧋 401 days ago

i haven't had gum in a while actually. ok out of 10

yuzu-cha 😎 412 days ago

prank'd! my thing starts later than i thought it would

yuzu-cha 🤔 412 days ago

am i really not gonna play the new splatfest. prolly

yuzu-cha 💤 413 days ago

hello status.cafe. i sleepy