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on that stardew copium


yuvikoz 🤐 4 days ago

sometimes i wish to give up my talents just to be able to speak. lonely

yuvikoz 🍱 15 days ago

WISDOM TOOTH GOT OUT TODAY NOW rn I want siomai and beef rolls and mango sticky rice and crepe and puto and sushi

yuvikoz 🙂 19 days ago

4 Days im ready to leave work I cant Im nervous for the next few days

yuvikoz 🤒 22 days ago

lonely sometimes i wish to game with someone...

yuvikoz 😡 26 days ago

wwwwwwwwaaaaaat the freaky i feel unhappy with my art like really bad havent felt dis bad in a while

yuvikoz 🙂 58 days ago

ME WHEN i forget to transfer my terraria world to my new laptop x_x

yuvikoz 😶 62 days ago

i made it into a very impacted program in my school. I'm happy but i'm so scared. i have the talent... but 0 communication skills...

yuvikoz 😯 80 days ago

in this life, all we can do is stardew.

yuvikoz 🙂 97 days ago

now, if i were a tropical frog, where would i hide...

yuvikoz 😛 102 days ago

no can do, i only STAR DEW!!!!

yuvikoz 🙂 104 days ago

my passion to create has rekindled again and Of fucking course i dont have time... yet...

yuvikoz 🙂 108 days ago

fuck it we stardew

yuvikoz 💔 113 days ago

i'm so scared about my portfolio to get into a graphic design program... and all i want to do... IS STARDEW!!!!!

yuvikoz 🙂 120 days ago

tis marks the 3rd day of my addiction to stardew valleh

yuvikoz 📚 121 days ago

i dont know how to feel about this

yuvikoz 🙂 124 days ago

picks my nose fling it in the air

yuvikoz 😡 130 days ago

how to not be shy...

yuvikoz 🙂 133 days ago

What the hell am i doing with my college life

yuvikoz 🍔 141 days ago

tis marks the beginning of my unhealthy addiction to restaurant tycoon 2

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