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yuri πŸ• 13 days ago

went to a restaurant today that was playing jrpg osts the whole time i was there… inspiring

yuri β˜•οΈ 18 days ago

my life a weird fanfic fr fr

yuri ❄️ 34 days ago

cocaine and katy perry... what do you mean it's 2024? πŸ˜‡

yuri πŸ’€ 43 days ago

my deftones tinfoil hat theory is that chino moreno played ffvii when it came out and that multiple songs were written as a direct result πŸ—‘οΈ

yuri πŸ₯° 51 days ago

thinking about johto + praying without ceasing

yuri 🌈 72 days ago

unsure, but i may not be publishing what i write anymore; if interested in drawerfic, send me an email

yuri πŸ“š 90 days ago

i think i may have given myself a bit of light brain damage from reading too much chuck palahniuk at a sensitive age

yuri πŸ’€ 125 days ago


yuri 🌧️ 154 days ago

everything makes me so sad

yuri ✏️ 158 days ago

i'm watching math videos on youtube...OF MY OWN FREE WILL...i don't even know who i am anymore

yuri 🌈 163 days ago

i am so beyond out of touch with "reality"(...and maybe that's a good thing)

yuri πŸ’” 181 days ago


yuri πŸ“– 191 days ago

recovery means... no one knows what's going on inside of me anymore

yuri 🌈 206 days ago

don’t give up on your dreams, don’t succumb to despair, don’t let the devil win

yuri 🌧️ 235 days ago

constantly putting way too much effort into stuff that no one will use or care about but me

yuri 🌈 238 days ago

dancing mad is one of mankind's most incredible contemporary musical achievements

yuri πŸ† 240 days ago

daydreaming at the gym

yuri 🎢 240 days ago

accidentally listened to too much older music and now my brain thinks it's 2012 again

yuri 🌈 247 days ago

finally getting back to scanlating my doujinshi collection and it feels amazing

yuri 🎱 253 days ago

the demons want to see me fail but i am going to get through this dark night of the soul i swear

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