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yuradily 💀 17 hours ago

idk what i'm gonna do if i can't fix my sleep schedule by the time school starts next week... sleeping from 2pm to 10pm is not gonna work

yuradily 🙂 2 days ago

i am forcing myself to finish my nuzlocke today. i want to start a new one but i feel like i should finish this one first

yuradily 💻 4 days ago

been playing my main sims 4 legacy for the first time in forever. maybe i can finally get this gen over with...?

yuradily 💀 12 days ago

windows 10 keeps deactivating itself for some reason... troubleshoot fixes it but it's happened like 3 times today. i'm concerned

yuradily 📚 18 days ago

i keep forgetting abt my japanese flashcards & grammar... i need to like add big text to my wallpaper that says "STUDY" or smth

yuradily 🌱 19 days ago

i have discovered coneflowers & coneflower hybrids & now i have a new favorite flower. gotta learn gardening someday and plant these things

yuradily 💀 20 days ago

i have to learn how to drive & get a driver's license in less than a month or i can't go to class TT

yuradily ⛳️ 22 days ago

been playing frisbee golf on wii sports resort. i don't think i'd ever actually played it before now

yuradily 💀 27 days ago

i just can't fix my sleep schedule :( how many days of getting < 6 hrs of sleep will it take...

yuradily 😴 29 days ago

spent wayyyy too long on one small thing for my website and ended up staying up way later than i wanted to...