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i make music, i shred on a skateboard, beer is love beer is life guitar/vocals/bass/keys/percussion im starting to get into pc gaming i like most sports i like to play soccer i like to watch baseball, basketball, and american football just started doing fantasy sports leagues and its epic Im from los angeles and im 28 years old i love classic rock and all kinds of different styles of music cheers to all my new friends here


yungtur0 🥱 16 days ago

got work at 7am which is in 5 hours pretty bummed about that and thinking about pulling all nighter cheers

yungtur0 🐱 20 days ago

pussycat? ;0

yungtur0 🙂 27 days ago

it aint easy being cheezy! haha nice sounds dank rn

yungtur0 🎤 27 days ago

yo whats good!