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Too old to be accepted as a noob, too young to undestand how old-style sites works. WIP profile.


yismirnick 👀 145 days ago

Discovered stonelifting, it's fascinating !

yismirnick 🥹 230 days ago

So many talented people, i envy you >_<

yismirnick 🔥 233 days ago

Someone in the office is cold; i'm melting. Halp.

yismirnick 🧐 236 days ago

Learning from a senior colleague

yismirnick ☕️ 238 days ago

*vibrating*Soooo a good coffee relaxes my nerves, that's weird *vibrating*

yismirnick 😱 239 days ago

1000 thoughts, 1 brain