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⁺˚⋆。°✩₊ foul-mouthed college student working towards her dream... i like . . . ୨୧ making new friends ୨୧ dressing up! ୨୧ food and drinks ୨୧ my fat dog rascle <3 i speak. . . ⊹ fluent english ⊹ beginner thai ⊹ beginner chinese my hobbies include . . . ♡ drawing ♡ singing ♡ playing video games ♡ consuming anime/manga thank u for reading <3 all socials are under the name yenaio ʚ₍ᐢ. .ᐢ₎ɞ


yenaio ☀️ 171 days ago

back at college now! here's to another year

yenaio 🌮 177 days ago

starting move in tomorrow so thank u to love for buying me taco <3

yenaio 😴 180 days ago

hiiiiiiiiiiiii i am back from the land of great lakes

yenaio 🙂 197 days ago

also went shopping with silly, hes the sweetest. i wish we could go back to DS era games and only communicate via pictochat LOL

yenaio 🙂 197 days ago

sometimes i feel bad for thinking the thoughts i think and then realize im probably thinking them for a reason

yenaio 🙂 198 days ago

i am excited to go back to college!!!

yenaio 😭 220 days ago

first stay at home day in like a week+ and i feel i should be productive

yenaio 🙂 221 days ago

went boating on da lake with my best friend 〰𖠳〰

yenaio 😎 224 days ago

happy fry day

yenaio 🐱 225 days ago


yenaio 🚄 227 days ago

im never trusting anyone again

yenaio 🤐 228 days ago

got my pc fixed today!! >.< and something else life changing!!

yenaio 🤒 229 days ago

knowing the light at the end of the tunnel can still have its sad moments is wild

yenaio 🌱 233 days ago

having a bit of a friendship fallout but friends come and go i suppose

yenaio 🎁 236 days ago

good weekend so far :) hung out w homies, got food w mom, thrifted

yenaio 🙂 238 days ago

fully cooly fr

yenaio 😭 238 days ago

air pollution and bad supreme court decisions...but i shall persist

yenaio 🌙 240 days ago

f air pollution. . . goodnight zzz

yenaio 🌈 241 days ago

air quality shit rn but had a fun day in the city :) coffee and zelda, and then thrifted a traffic cone tank. hope u have a good day <3

yenaio 💻 245 days ago

my first msg eva.... working hard 2day!!(^^ゞ