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yefreitor 📺 3 days ago

i need to watch house md. what even happens in that show?

yefreitor 💻 8 days ago

they turned me into a keyboard, funniest shit i ever seen

yefreitor 🎲 16 days ago

the smell of cantaloupe is doing things to my brain

yefreitor ☀️ 19 days ago

things will be okay

yefreitor ❄️ 31 days ago

chilling in the freewer

yefreitor 🌧️ 39 days ago

i love laura les' music (bawling my eyes out)

yefreitor 🎶 41 days ago

this one unsolved WatZatSong sample is driving me crazy. i hope they identify it. ("N3V3RC0M1NGB4CK")

yefreitor 🌧️ 42 days ago

feeling well rested, but at what cost... <- would sleep through the apocalypse

yefreitor 🎲 50 days ago

haha! you are reading my status!

yefreitor 🎶 53 days ago

le dernier jour du disco...

yefreitor 🌧️ 56 days ago

it fucken wimdy

yefreitor 🍸 63 days ago

they gave me a pasta straw for my drink at the italian restaurant.

yefreitor 🌈 72 days ago

get out of my head, get out of my heart, away baby i won't fall apart...

yefreitor 💻 75 days ago

progress isn't linear but god in times like these i wish it was.

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