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Creativity. Extroversion. Gender non-conformity. Those were the ingredients used to make the world's most silliest clown... but accidentally! ANXIETY was added to the mix, and WABOOM KAPOW!! YAPI WAS CREATED!! THE MOST SILLIEST and sad LITTLE CLOWN, and wow! he sure is trying his best!! 8D


yapi ✨ 7 hours ago

still gonna take a while to get used to linux in general... BUTT i got genshin impact to work! WOOHOOOO!!! >8D

yapi ❤️ 2 days ago

RAHH 250 pages in a day, MY HEART IS SOARING, my lungs are ACHING. during the last 100 pages i might as well have stopped BREATHING. I LOVE

yapi 🍞 3 days ago

*twiddles my thumbs like a good little paperboy waiting for my monthly pay in gluten* mmh... krossang...

yapi 👀 4 days ago

ohohoooo-- maaann, nothing gets me reading like characters whose trauma dictates their words and actions in very specific ways

yapi 🎨 6 days ago

"i don't draw HUGE EARS! look, buddy, compare the size to the EYES, it's the same!" - me, SOMEHOW forgetting i draw huge eyes as well

yapi 💡 14 days ago

starting to read again really has made me remember that, when writing is too proper and serious and CORRECT it feels kindaaa maidenless...

yapi 🧐 22 days ago

my ability to READ is RECOVERING! 60 pages yesterday + 10 pages today so far ^_^ AM HAPPY!!!