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y2kinsomniac 💔 6 hours ago

Bedbugs apparently came to my house and destroyed all of my clothes over the course of a year yay!!!

y2kinsomniac ✏️ 2 days ago

Wondering if starting a substack would be worth the stress...

y2kinsomniac ✏️ 5 days ago

Touched grass, now back to my hole to write!

y2kinsomniac 🥺 16 days ago

Viral infection, she's alright now. My mom thinks it was a mini-stroke, but my grandma doesn't, so

y2kinsomniac 💔 21 days ago

Grandma's sick. Hope she'll be alright...

y2kinsomniac 🍞 22 days ago

Sausage and potatoes and therapy, mmm

y2kinsomniac 😎 35 days ago

Completed the CSS course on Codeacademy

y2kinsomniac 😴 49 days ago

Woke up exhausted with a headache and chest pain today ugh

y2kinsomniac ✏️ 55 days ago

Ibuprofen babey, trying to write and hoping I don't get dry socket

y2kinsomniac 😎 56 days ago

Hydrocodone. There is no need to be upset

y2kinsomniac 🍞 66 days ago

Why is eating breakfast hard

y2kinsomniac ✏️ 67 days ago

Exhausted from yesterday but trying to write