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y2k 💀 1 day ago

coded for too many hours my brain is melting a bit. all in good fun though

y2k 💔 2 days ago

i had a truly epic time with my friends for 5 days and i now miss them very very dearly we had so much fun

y2k 🎱 11 days ago

thanksgiving tomorrow and then i wake up in the middle of tomorrow night for a flight So much to do im a little nervous. but fuck it we ball

y2k 😯 13 days ago

the vibes are off todau

y2k 🌧️ 14 days ago

no puppy tonight. deeply saddening. but i'll be okay

y2k 🐶 15 days ago

going to drive in a bit and i will get to see a puppy toniht. peace and love

y2k ✨ 15 days ago

chewing some gum. life has moments of sunshine

y2k 🌈 16 days ago

i just coded for like 5 hours and although i'm not done yet i'm pretty happy with it so far ^__^

y2k 💻 17 days ago

finally got verified here yippee! very exciting. i may do some coding now or at least listen to some music