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xoxo_moira 😭 163 days ago

listen... i am tired tired. new place. new job. i just wanna sleep for a WEEK, bro. fuckin' good night!

xoxo_moira 😶 210 days ago

might be getting a place soon. at least a place that will need fixed up. here's hoping everything goes smooth bcuz i'm dying inside.

xoxo_moira ❤️ 234 days ago

i want to know who i've gotta thank for astarion ancunin bc gotdayum! <3

xoxo_moira ✏️ 241 days ago

still tired. got another week or two before moving. imma just sleep and get on tumblr for today.

xoxo_moira 💤 245 days ago

so tired today. i just want to get this moving thing done and take a little break for a few months before looking for an apartment.