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hi i'm quinn! i like to code & draw & do things. this is like a blog but micro... a microblog if you will.


wynnifredzamora 🙂 4 days ago

1 thing about wynnie is she alwys has a bow and/or necklace becayse she is cute

wynnifredzamora 🥳 6 days ago

i ahve to do something for 100 followers on neoities omg!!

wynnifredzamora 📚 9 days ago

alright thats enough digital painting time to do my bio homework

wynnifredzamora 😴 9 days ago

guy who studied all night: why am i so tired though

wynnifredzamora 🙂 10 days ago

the trans implications of lisa frankenstein oghghgh me (trans guy) and my gf ate that shit up!!!!

wynnifredzamora 😯 10 days ago

ok she actually does have a lupe velez type look in the last portrait i did of her but i want to give her a bit of a softer look next time..

wynnifredzamora 🤔 10 days ago

next time i draw human kneve i want her to have a more lupe velez/rita moreno type-likeness. she just kinda gives me those vibes

wynnifredzamora ❤️ 10 days ago

i want to get back into the walten files... im not big on analog horror lately but i liked it when it came out :)

wynnifredzamora 💀 11 days ago

im working on new bunnybunny stuff i prommy

wynnifredzamora 🌈 11 days ago

saw lisa frankenstein with my partner yesterday it was awesome

wynnifredzamora 🙂 12 days ago

gonna do cringetober this year hopefully

wynnifredzamora 🤒 18 days ago

shit i'm sick :( had a fun time at school & the youth center yesterday though

wynnifredzamora 🌈 21 days ago

today started out so scary & bad but now it is really nice. i think.

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