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hey im quinn


wynnifredzamora 🎷 73 days ago

born to draw 1920s fashion forced to hate drawing hats. oh my god why was everyone on the hat-wavelength back then

wynnifredzamora 🌈 78 days ago

gotta post some more art i did yesterday

wynnifredzamora 🥱 79 days ago

idgaf about taylor swift's clara bow song!!!! im a true clarahead ive been a fan of her since 1919 💪

wynnifredzamora 🧐 79 days ago

clara bow i would do so much ibuprofen with you and kept you alive forever

wynnifredzamora 🙂 80 days ago

yay new kneve and wynnie and the first drawing of john ive done :)

wynnifredzamora 🎨 80 days ago

john and kneve are the gay son and thot daughter mariachi duo to beat all others.

wynnifredzamora 🙂 92 days ago

school has been awesome lately god im so excited for the college class im taking this summer too

wynnifredzamora 🥳 104 days ago

feeling very excited for queer prom next month.

wynnifredzamora 🙂 104 days ago

hello bunnybunny heads. 😁 i will work on the last half of chapter 1 SOON!!!!!

wynnifredzamora 🌈 113 days ago

*peter griffin dead pose* yayyy spring break

wynnifredzamora 💀 115 days ago

fuck i think i accidentally copied elvira when designing deinira

wynnifredzamora 💀 120 days ago

raspberry tea and pedro infante save me from. cramps

wynnifredzamora 🥳 121 days ago

getting high off this new drug called putting my feet up after a long day 🔥💯

wynnifredzamora 🔥 121 days ago

the ladies love when i say its turbo time

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