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just a silly little guy :3


worm-lungs 🐶 3 days ago

just bought the actual worst earbuds ever it sounds like im listening to everything through 3 walls

worm-lungs 🐶 8 days ago

feeling like a creature today

worm-lungs 🌧️ 10 days ago

i hate capitalism so much

worm-lungs 🌧️ 12 days ago

i wanna make kandi so bad but i left my beads at home whyyy

worm-lungs 🙂 16 days ago

im normal about everything forever

worm-lungs 🐶 16 days ago

i can never decide if i like my website or not. everyone else seems to like it but i still dont know if i do lol

worm-lungs 🔥 24 days ago

just ate the worst sandwich ever and then drank water directly from a one gallon jug 💯💥 im literaly unkillable

worm-lungs 🐶 24 days ago

i need to create art or ill DIE

worm-lungs 🌧️ 24 days ago

i havent made any big updates to my site recently i feel like im neglecting it :/

worm-lungs 💤 28 days ago

im so sleepy even though i just woke up this sucks literal actual penis and balls

worm-lungs 🙂 29 days ago

im making homestuck kandi and i think i underestimated how many letter beads it would take to spell all the troll's names O_o

worm-lungs 🎶 30 days ago

pierce the veil is so good man. i love music :)

worm-lungs 💀 39 days ago

ive done so much today why am i STILL bored

worm-lungs 🍏 41 days ago

jusr went absolutely feral on an orange i feel so powerful now. orange powers

worm-lungs ❤️ 43 days ago

music is so epic and awesome

worm-lungs 🐶 45 days ago

sorry i havent updated my website much recently im replaying fallout new vegas

worm-lungs 🎮 51 days ago

damn i love viddy o game

worm-lungs 🐶 52 days ago

i hope i work on my website today but im going back to my house so theres a 70% chance ill just play fallout new vegas instead :|

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