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just a silly little guy :3


worm-lungs 🥳 1 day ago

mny birthday party was epic actually so thats good :3 and today is my actual birthday and i get to relax and shit today yayyyyyyyyyy ^_^

worm-lungs 😭 2 days ago

my birthday party is in a few hours but tbh i feel really guilty about getting gifts and i havent even gotten any yet...

worm-lungs 🥳 3 days ago

my birthday party is 2morrow.. im very excited and also nervous i hope i can get to sleep at a normal time O_o

worm-lungs 🌈 5 days ago

drew something. yayyyyy ^_^

worm-lungs 💀 7 days ago

nevermind ijust did nothing all day again

worm-lungs 🙂 7 days ago

i HAVE to do something productive today or im gonna die of boredom

worm-lungs 💤 8 days ago

ouhhh... gotta stay up like 4 more hours for vinny vinesauce sunday stream... but im so eepy :(

worm-lungs 💤 9 days ago

omg sleep time again... beautiful world

worm-lungs 💤 10 days ago

ouhh ive been up for like 24 hours but its sleep time now yayyyyy ^_^

worm-lungs 💀 11 days ago

cant stop thinking about that one time my sister said i walk around like nosferatu... the worst part is that i kinda do

worm-lungs 🌈 12 days ago

FUCK yeah thrift store time

worm-lungs 💀 16 days ago

i feel really dizzy for no reason. if i die my tumblr mutuals can take my kandi collection (joking. i will be fine)

worm-lungs 😭 17 days ago

im sorryyyy that i havent been updating my site or anything ive been sorta depressed and also really hyperfixated on red vox recently x3

worm-lungs 🐶 17 days ago

omg new newgrounds death rugby music too... maybe there is love in the universe after all

worm-lungs 🐶 19 days ago

ouhhhh new red vox singlw. i thin k all my mental illnessses are cured

worm-lungs 😭 19 days ago

im so fucking sad that gnomes arent real.imagine little guys that live in mushrooms that would be so cool im gonna cry... god doesnt love us

worm-lungs 🤔 20 days ago

im not perfect should i kill myself

worm-lungs 🌈 24 days ago

oooooooohb pride event 2morrow (or today i guess lol itsalmost 6am) im very excited :33 i get to fag it up so hard omg

worm-lungs 🐶 25 days ago

sometimes i think i'll never love myself lol <- guy who needs to go the FUCK to sleep

worm-lungs 🐶 29 days ago

feeling dogy 🐕 woof

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