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a wandering prince...
feeling The current mood of princeling at today!


worldendling 🌙 23 days ago

they say twitter's going down and i'm here to see it

worldendling ✨ 139 days ago

everything everywhere, all at once

worldendling 🌙 154 days ago

don't know why i've been so sleepy lately!

worldendling ✏️ 156 days ago

before the week is out... i need to remember

worldendling ❤️ 172 days ago

my precious little boyfriend...

worldendling ✨ 175 days ago

let's share the fruit of fate!

worldendling ❤️ 176 days ago

love you love you love you

worldendling ☕ 178 days ago

i got another month until my appt thank god

worldendling 🌙 178 days ago

slowly getting over my cold... worried about my next doc's appt for no reason

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