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workingparts 💻 23 days ago

trying to get a new email so i can join nekoweb, but the email providers aren't playing nice. for the last time why do you need my number!

workingparts ✏️ 23 days ago

English practice exams are on today o7.

workingparts ✏️ 24 days ago

time to start studying. Hoping I can finish the practice questions and look over the case study some more.

workingparts 💤 24 days ago

trying to wake up enough to spend the day studying. its so hard to do things when burnt out.

workingparts 🌱 25 days ago

trying to be more 'me' and less anyone else. I want to live more for myself. you know?

workingparts 💻 93 days ago

Working on stuff (lying I am procrastinating once again.)

workingparts 💤 93 days ago

trying to get some study in before school starts tomorrow. I feel very behind

workingparts 💤 320 days ago

I feel so exhausted today regardless of me trying my best to not be. Hopefully will return my levels soon to finish this work...

workingparts 💤 322 days ago

So burnt out, currently working on a page about art and such. Also currently in ENG LIT... augh why cant this class be optional.

workingparts 💻 331 days ago

Trying to work on a final assessment that I didn't know was due Friday until today. Would of liked to known earlier...

workingparts 💤 332 days ago

Trying to do catch up work. I am not modivated at all to start on it.

workingparts 💻 332 days ago

Made an about me page this morning. Hopefully the weather is nice for when I have to visit the uni today.

workingparts 🌧️ 333 days ago

didn't end up doing anything productive. The day moves so fast I feel like i'm slipping through the gaps of time... also updated the site.

workingparts 💤 333 days ago

trying to wake up so that i can start doing more important things. I don't enjoy lazy mornings but i'm so unfocused and half asleep (ugh).

workingparts ✏️ 334 days ago

first status. coding my web-page (its very barren). Day was well, glad its the weekend :)