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mr krabs

dog brain: abridged


wolves 💡 173 days ago

i love art

wolves 📺 175 days ago

i wanna watch... anime

wolves 💤 176 days ago

weird day

wolves 📰 182 days ago

video game down but i want to play video game, how am i supposed to live like this??? i need to speak to the manager of all video games now

wolves 👀 187 days ago

the drama

wolves 🔥 188 days ago

i feel.... creating... art...... trying to.... consume...... me.......... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAA

wolves 📖 192 days ago

manifestation journaling my personal website

wolves ✨ 192 days ago

thinking about that one parrot singing let the bodies hit the floor. an icon.

wolves 🙃 195 days ago

apartment friendly workouts aren't enough i need your apartment is made of paper and your neighbours hear e v e r y t h i n g workouts

wolves 💀 197 days ago

dehydrating because i'm too lazy to reach for my drink

wolves 💡 204 days ago

obsessed with pixel art

wolves 🔥 205 days ago

my thoughts are PREPZ because they won't stop FLAMING ME!!!!!!!! UGH! goin for a walk 2 see my REAL GOTH friendz (the crows in the park)

wolves 🌱 207 days ago

fennel seeds in this dish... anethole u are my life i would risk it all for liquorice

wolves 💻 208 days ago

i forgot everything i learned

wolves 💀 211 days ago

hooked my old ass last.fm account up to spotify and it was like watching a historical site get bulldozed lmao fuckin BYE 2015

wolves 🌧️ 215 days ago

this bougie-ass vegan chili orange mocha is living in my head for two weeks now... take me back to when supermarket cocoa was enough ;;

wolves 🎶 223 days ago

prepared to skip this track (song 2 - blur) because i heard it so many times! so overused! so old! ...then i forgot and tbh: good. it slaps.

wolves 💻 223 days ago

open laptop, stare into void, close laptop

wolves 🎤 226 days ago

went to a pop concert; was whole new and, idk, out of character(?) experience. wanna experience other new things now, the world is so huge!

wolves 💤 319 days ago

bein sick is so boring

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