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mr krabs

dog brain: abridged


wolves ✏️ 263 days ago

kinda wanna start a new livejournal (dreamwidth, i guess? lj seems like a total trashfire rip)

wolves ✨ 268 days ago

i made one thing responsive(ish), i am the king of webmastery now.

wolves 🤔 270 days ago

do i actually go make my site responsive or do i just think about making it responsive again and again

wolves 🌱 277 days ago

does the universe fuck up a lot? yeah, but it got onions and rice so right i can't be mad

wolves 😯 278 days ago

where to start today

wolves 🤐 283 days ago

this book just shat over its MC's whole premise in one offhand sentence then carried on like nothing happened oh myyy

wolves 😴 295 days ago

been awake for one hour? time for a nap

wolves 💀 297 days ago

oh no i'm obsessed with giant robots again

wolves 💀 299 days ago

so tired, don't wanna do anything

wolves 💾 301 days ago

i think i like hanging around on the internet again????? old web is too powerful

wolves 👀 304 days ago

on an archeological dig of my old last.fm account

wolves 💀 305 days ago

3000 books vs 0.001 concentration

wolves 🔥 308 days ago

the post 80s spurning of the mullet was a low point in human history and we lost so much

wolves 💀 312 days ago

am i bad at reading or is this guy bad at explaining, eternal struggle

wolves 📖 313 days ago

time to suffer javascript from the start again

wolves 👀 315 days ago

oh hello there

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