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winnie 🌧️ 263 days ago

What am I gonna do with my life? I've lost passion for my passions.

winnie 😱 296 days ago

First time back on windows after months of unix. Oh god, get me out of here!!!

winnie 🔥 379 days ago

Assigned Maladapted At Birth

winnie 🙂 381 days ago

I love deleting emails. Zen.

winnie 🐱 390 days ago

Every time I meet someone's cat, I tell them it's the cutest cat I've ever seen. It's a white lie that makes them feel good.

winnie 🥹 401 days ago

Im in 3rd year of my Bachelor and just realised I never have to touch Java again!

winnie 🎲 404 days ago

Contacting Lenovo support, wish me luck!

winnie 🎮 408 days ago

I'm on the phone to my uni, and the wait music makes me feel like I'm in Traverse Town

winnie 🌧️ 409 days ago

Had a great summer storm today! Could smell the new ozone!

winnie 💾 410 days ago

I really love hexcells, what a relaxing game!

winnie 🔥 413 days ago

The last couple days it's gotten to 3pm-ish and there's been a sudden surge of heat! Really takes the wind out of my sails!

winnie 👀 413 days ago

I got sunscreen in my eyes! :/

winnie ✨ 413 days ago

I think this is the year I'm finally gonna set up a home server. It can be done!

winnie 💀 641 days ago

Watching The Sopranos for the first time