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Not defined
Just a man who likes wieners


wiener 🤒 277 days ago

A constant lingering feeling of anxiety

wiener 🔥 281 days ago

Feeling hungover and tired , yet I can’t sleep 🫠

wiener 🌧️ 284 days ago

The fireworks are giving me anxiety this year

wiener 🌧️ 286 days ago

I wish agoraphobia wasn’t real

wiener 🌧️ 288 days ago

Life truly sucks sometimes doesn’t it …

wiener 🐱 288 days ago

Feeling gay and rebellious , slightly naughty 😈

wiener 🙂 289 days ago

Escaped my jail triangle and faced my anxiety , experienced new feelings and felt content with what I did ༘⋆✿