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whiskers 💀 156 days ago

Why would I write that? I need to get off the internet.

whiskers ❄️ 156 days ago

Cholera is one of the many reasons why I can't get behind scat.

whiskers 🛹 158 days ago

I love how gender is just are you pink or are you blue

whiskers 🌱 162 days ago

If I had clones of me I'd take care of all the pigeons

whiskers 🌙 164 days ago

Why is it only humans for past life's why can't I be a tree or a bug or a dinosaur

whiskers 🔥 165 days ago

Me and the homies hate Christmas

whiskers 💀 170 days ago

My head feels like that one guy who was crushed by stone

whiskers 😱 172 days ago

Everythings falling apart don't talk to me about it

whiskers 😡 172 days ago

Yo who was gonna tell me that one of my pages didn't work thats so embarrassing

whiskers 😭 173 days ago

The curse you put on me not funny uncurse me now

whiskers 😭 179 days ago

The Smiths continues to haunt me

whiskers 🙃 183 days ago

Interview was cancelled and the position is no longer available it's like I'm gods shit joke at this point

whiskers ☕️ 192 days ago

People who watch kid's movies and go "Everyone died at the end" I wish for their downfall sincerely

whiskers 🙃 193 days ago

I buy so many toys for me cat and he doesn't even care he doesn't know what money is

whiskers 💀 200 days ago

Watch me change my whole home page cause I kinda hate it ig

whiskers 🥳 201 days ago

I finally got an account now all I have to do is actually add it to my page...