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when-i-sleep 🌙 4 hours ago

I'm not really sleepy but I also have nothing to do...

when-i-sleep 💤 3 days ago

can't do... this stupid coursework...

when-i-sleep 🥺 7 days ago

Focused too much on my coursework and now it's 3am, I left dinner too late I'm so hungry...

when-i-sleep 🙂 7 days ago

Woke up with neck/shoulder/back pain and pain in my right arm if I extend it, what kind of fucked up position did I sleep in last night???

when-i-sleep 🙂 10 days ago

Ace try to do school work because you're 4 weeks behind challenge (impossible)

when-i-sleep 🥳 12 days ago

Bought some SD cards for my switch and 3DS, very happy ^^

when-i-sleep 🧐 13 days ago

Turns out you need to do the lectures to understand the coursework... who knew

when-i-sleep 🥳 15 days ago

I got an early christmas gift!!!

when-i-sleep 🥹 16 days ago

Finally seeing numbers in maths again, guys we are so back

when-i-sleep 😎 17 days ago

Today's the day I stop being cringe 😎 We can do it boys

when-i-sleep ☕️ 21 days ago

My tea's gone cold again and I only drank half of it...

when-i-sleep 💀 22 days ago

stayed up till 8 playing around with css and now my throat is all fucked for some reason

when-i-sleep 😭 28 days ago

Man, trying to decide what to eat is surprisingly difficult