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haiiiiii ^_^ how are you today?


whataphantasia 🥳 3 days ago

sigh i have to go to school on eid. to get back at the system im getting to school LATE 😈

whataphantasia 😭 7 days ago

GOD im so cringe around my gf. im going to go sit in a well for a bit.

whataphantasia 😭 24 days ago

im FINALLY adjusting to fasting. maybe. ok fine i stayed up until 4 last night.

whataphantasia ❤️ 36 days ago

gang im gay as hell (full of love)

whataphantasia ❤️ 50 days ago

i'd do ANYTHING to make the world a better place for my wife 👊👊💥😡

whataphantasia ❤️ 58 days ago

i made a new zaeadr fanpage for valentines day! its still under construction but feel free to visit! im excited to start making the blog ^_^

whataphantasia 😶 62 days ago

gwuuuuhh the plastic coating on my favorite frames are coming off and my backup glasses hurt my eyesss

whataphantasia 😭 73 days ago

this ninjago fanfiction has broken into my house and taken over my life

whataphantasia 🌧️ 100 days ago

went on date with The GF :) bought misfit mansion (cant wait 4 oddity woods...) and ate ice cream in the rain

whataphantasia ❤️ 114 days ago

im never washing this jacket again (my gf wore it) (i love my gf)

whataphantasia 🥹 122 days ago

i lob my wife sosososo much ougugugyghgvhggjhbmngjnbbj

whataphantasia 😭 147 days ago

guys this us history class is going to kill me :onthefloordyingdead:

whataphantasia 😭 177 days ago


whataphantasia 🤔 179 days ago

as soon as i finish fixing the freeshell i wanna like, start revamping my website to be more accessible :Vc

whataphantasia ❤️ 190 days ago

BRO my status is just gonna be me talking about my gf HES SO CUTE TODAY RAGHH

whataphantasia ✨ 197 days ago

new favicon! pls clear ur cache if its not loading yaaaay ^_^

whataphantasia ❤️ 198 days ago

my gf got me a cream chai latte 🥺 im gonna be feeling this high for weeks

whataphantasia 💔 204 days ago

i have a headache and tummy pains everything is terrible forever

whataphantasia ✏️ 207 days ago

RAGHHH the ideas are filling my brain but there are no time to do any of them....... toyhou.se time

whataphantasia 😭 217 days ago

sickness is gone but the Intro Psychology Class is Kicking My Ass right now

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