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m. 25. she/they. hawaiian shirt enthusiast. jack of all(ish) trades. surfin' the big blue web


webmaster_m ❤️ 6 hours ago

happy one year to my website!!

webmaster_m 🎮 11 days ago

mmhm okay but do I try stardew valley??

webmaster_m 🤔 24 days ago

mmhmm i NEED to make a moomin shrine

webmaster_m 🎁 28 days ago

happy birthday to meeeeee

webmaster_m 🎨 31 days ago

art is fun again hell yeah

webmaster_m 🌈 42 days ago

asexual history zine is almost doneeee

webmaster_m 😶 44 days ago

i need today to be chill

webmaster_m 🙃 69 days ago

why must i endure cramps

webmaster_m 🌈 80 days ago

I wish it could stay the weekend forever tho

webmaster_m ❄️ 98 days ago

woke up to no heat or hot water lets gooo

webmaster_m 🎨 107 days ago

literally i need to draw something or im gonna explode

webmaster_m 🤒 121 days ago

guess who has covidddddd. gonna scream.

webmaster_m 🤩 135 days ago

with nanowrimo out of the way i can finally focus on my site again lets gooo

webmaster_m ✏️ 158 days ago

i am kicking nanowrimos ass. 25k baby!!! i've literally never made it this far before

webmaster_m ✏️ 168 days ago

i stg i'm gonna do nanowrimo this year

webmaster_m 🎨 189 days ago

threw a tiny goblet on the cermaics wheel. thriving

webmaster_m 🌧️ 199 days ago

its been a long couple of days

webmaster_m ✈️ 207 days ago

finally back from my trip! i love traveling but damn it's nice to be home

webmaster_m 😭 220 days ago

d23 announcements just left me feeling sad for real

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