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m. 25. she/they. hawaiian shirt enthusiast. jack of all(ish) trades. surfin' the big blue web


webmaster_m ✏️ 17 days ago

i am kicking nanowrimos ass. 25k baby!!! i've literally never made it this far before

webmaster_m ✏️ 27 days ago

i stg i'm gonna do nanowrimo this year

webmaster_m 🎨 48 days ago

threw a tiny goblet on the cermaics wheel. thriving

webmaster_m 🌧️ 58 days ago

its been a long couple of days

webmaster_m ✈️ 66 days ago

finally back from my trip! i love traveling but damn it's nice to be home

webmaster_m 😭 79 days ago

d23 announcements just left me feeling sad for real

webmaster_m 💀 84 days ago

bought an old-timey white dress at the thrift store with the sole intention of taking spooky pics with it

webmaster_m 🙃 96 days ago

walking 3 miles in 90 degree weather during lunch was not my smartest move

webmaster_m ✨ 98 days ago

Putting the final touches on my zine swap! Hoping to have signups opening this weekend

webmaster_m 📖 105 days ago

everyone should read a discworld book i stg there's nothing like it

webmaster_m 🌧️ 118 days ago

rainy today... a nice break from all the hot weather

webmaster_m ✨ 128 days ago

my beedle cosplay is nearly done !!!

webmaster_m ✏️ 142 days ago

ao3 still down on my day off.... perhaps this IS a sign that I should write that fic

webmaster_m ✏️ 147 days ago

oops it's happening again my brain is demanding i make another zine

webmaster_m 🌈 148 days ago

working on creating a hub of information about asexuality on my site!! Just put together an extensive history page

webmaster_m 📖 157 days ago

finally finished sir gawain & the green knight! gawain is so fucking stupid <3

webmaster_m 👀 160 days ago

thinking about trying artfight for the first time this year

webmaster_m 🌱 161 days ago

revamped my adoptables pages & added some plant propagation pixel art

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