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m. 25. she/they. hawaiian shirt enthusiast. jack of all(ish) trades. surfin' the big blue web


webmaster_m 💡 17 hours ago

i need a new project... thinking about starting a webcomic

webmaster_m 🤐 1 day ago

lost my voice from talking so much this weekend

webmaster_m 🤔 5 days ago

my hair is getting TOO LONG time for a chop I think

webmaster_m 🍦 7 days ago

Took motrin for my headache. No chance. Had ice cream... totally healed me

webmaster_m 🎮 9 days ago

gloomy day = tears of the kingdom time

webmaster_m 📚 10 days ago

just scored at the used bookshop!! found the art books for star wars a new hope & return of the jedi