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wasongo 🌧️ 42 days ago

finally, some rain!

wasongo ✨ 81 days ago

All moved in to my new apartment!

wasongo 😭 138 days ago

in rareship hell

wasongo 😶 156 days ago

the struggle is real

wasongo ❤️ 186 days ago

Hakkai my beloved

wasongo ❤️ 222 days ago

ousama ranking loving hours

wasongo 💾 260 days ago

compressing PNGs... beep boop beep

wasongo 🔥 262 days ago

chili oil shin ramyun recipe bomb af

wasongo 👽 270 days ago

gonna face my fears and watch the x-files

wasongo 😭 281 days ago

No one told me there was an alien scare in Serial Experiments Lain...