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wangzi190 📚 7 days ago

the perfect is the enemy of the good the perfect is the enemy of the good the perfect is the enemy of the good the perfect is the enemy of t

wangzi190 🌱 8 days ago

6 hours on stardew valley whoops 😭

wangzi190 🌈 13 days ago

its my birthday : D

wangzi190 🥳 13 days ago

but its okay tmrw is my bday; im busy but i might buy myself a new game or sth :3

wangzi190 😭 13 days ago

the fall of my straight A+'s is imminent

wangzi190 ❤️ 14 days ago

happy valentines day ^-^

wangzi190 🙃 17 days ago

i keep getting papercuts

wangzi190 🥳 19 days ago

happy lunar new year

wangzi190 💻 20 days ago

i might actually not hate programming hw if i just did it in vim lol

wangzi190 📚 27 days ago

library ambience vids are so good why do i even go outside

wangzi190 🙃 30 days ago

my dorm fucking flooded

wangzi190 🌱 34 days ago

i turn 19 in a few weeks no way

wangzi190 🥱 35 days ago

havent had such an unfocused evening in a while ugh

wangzi190 📖 41 days ago

hey google show me math is just applied philosophy meme

wangzi190 📚 51 days ago

math is gonna go so hard this semm

wangzi190 ✏️ 52 days ago

school's starting sooon

wangzi190 🔥 57 days ago

deleted azur lane because it was making me feel like an incel. 2024s gonna be my year fr

wangzi190 📺 61 days ago

finished breaking bad; what the hell

wangzi190 🎁 65 days ago

merry christmas 🎄

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