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23 year old. I love the old web, video games, movies, and a lot of other stuff.


wangobangy 🥳 73 days ago

Yesterday (April 7th) was my 23rd birthday!

wangobangy 😎 116 days ago

Very slowly working on an overhaul of my site.

wangobangy 👽 159 days ago

Haven't been online in a while! Been playing tons of video games.

wangobangy 🤔 188 days ago

If I wanted to start making my own graphics, how would I go about it?

wangobangy 🙃 194 days ago

Turns out I got approved for a bunch of fanlistings, but never got the emails about it. Weird.

wangobangy 😯 198 days ago

Didn't really play video games like I planned! Oopsie! I will tomorrow. Playing more Yakuza: Like A Dragon!

wangobangy 🙂 199 days ago

Gaming today, browsing the web, maybe some reading. Just gonna relax.

wangobangy 🥰 210 days ago

Went to the library today to return my book. After that I stopped by the comic book store and bought some manga. Good day today!

wangobangy 😛 212 days ago

Forgot to mention I finished Yakuza 6, and have been playing Yakuza Like a Dragon for a few days. Super good!

wangobangy 😎 221 days ago

Finally finished Yakuza 5! It took me almost 90 hours! Time for Yakuza 6!

wangobangy 😎 226 days ago

I've preordered Like A Dragon Gaiden! Hopefully I get through Yakuza 5 and 6 soon so I can play it spoiler free.

wangobangy 💀 233 days ago


wangobangy 💔 240 days ago

Rest in peace, Atsushi Sakurai. My heart is broken to pieces. May his legacy span for many generations.

wangobangy 😎 242 days ago

Finished Yakuza 3! Yakuza 4 time. Started it last night and I really love it so far. Much better combat than 3!

wangobangy 😎 246 days ago

Proud of the work I did on my Ghost shrine today. Might make it into it's own website. Gonna do some blogging now.

wangobangy 💻 246 days ago

Going to work on my Ghost shrine today! Wish me luck!

wangobangy 🎮 247 days ago

Played Yakuza 3 today, didn't do much else. Just hanging out on the computer now.

wangobangy 😴 248 days ago

Didn't sleep well last night. Probably gonna play video games and watch TV or movies. Just watched Middleditch & Schwartz. Super funny.

wangobangy 🥰 249 days ago

It's a really nice day out today. I love it overcast. Gonna have a movie day today with a bunch of Halloween and/or horror movies!

wangobangy 🥰 250 days ago

Relaxing today. Read a good chunk of my book, and watched a movie. Gonna watch more movies too!

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