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hai!! i love audrey ii a whole whole lot!!!


vurren 🎶 37 days ago

been busy trying to learn how to make music! don't really know what i'm doing yet >_<

vurren 💻 43 days ago

just discovered visual studio code... where has this been all my life *o*

vurren 💔 44 days ago

feeling discontented with my website again as soon as i finish... seeing everyone's cool websites I can't help but compare >_<

vurren 😭 45 days ago

hyperfixation over the day I spend money on it T_T... ah well such is the life of being neurodivergent

vurren 🐱 49 days ago

got pokerus on pokefarm for the first time ^_^ gonna shiny/albino hunt hallowe'en witch purrloin for type race next week

vurren 🌱 53 days ago

yeahhh pokefarm is quickly taking up all of my time, sorry if I don't update in a bit. adhd swagger </3

vurren ❤️ 54 days ago

got the popplio i wanted on the 6th egg somehow, then evolved it to brionne and added it to the site!

vurren 🌱 55 days ago

getting hooked on pokefarm... really hoping for a quirky brionne so I can use it as my pokesona

vurren 😶 55 days ago

realized i hadn't typed in the code for my custom cursor right... oops! fixed now

vurren 🐱 55 days ago

gonna take a break from website building today i think, very tired and a lil burned out

vurren 💤 56 days ago

just slept after staying up 30+ hours (most of them spent coding)... I'm still so tired 😴

vurren 💻 56 days ago

spent like 10+ hours coding a page just to realize the code basically doesn't work anywhere except in full view on firefox... T_T

vurren 🐱 56 days ago

finally discovered the status thing everyone was using!! ^_^ now I can make little life updates here :3