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vtears 🎮 31 days ago

i liked dr robotniks ring racers

vtears 💤 37 days ago

why is it i can stay up on every other day but weekends

vtears 🙂 42 days ago

mitsuya cider is heavens elixir

vtears 🙂 46 days ago

i like how almost all of my html/css blunders involve me being blind to something right in front of me the entire time

vtears 🎮 48 days ago

wicked blow is an awesome name for a pokemon move actually

vtears ☀️ 49 days ago

the eclipse did not wait for the library page working in the backstacks...

vtears 😶 50 days ago

my feet still mysteriously hurts

vtears 🙂 52 days ago

this status is a teeeeeest test test test test test test test test test test

vtears 🎮 53 days ago

we dont be namin games sonic 3d blast anymore

vtears 🏆 56 days ago

the space jam 2 credits song is unfortunately stuck in my head

vtears ✏️ 60 days ago

why art hard

vtears 😛 66 days ago

i love old people candy

vtears 🐶 68 days ago

new horizons is unfortunately 4 years old today

vtears 🎮 77 days ago

spending $44 at round1 is a dangerous game

vtears 😶 82 days ago

is it really necessary to be mean to others in life

vtears 🐶 84 days ago

my site metrics on gtmetrix got an E grade, oops

vtears 🥺 85 days ago

driving scawy....

vtears 🥃 87 days ago

shoutouts cranberry juice

vtears 🥃 88 days ago

shoutouts grapefruit juice

vtears 🙂 90 days ago

so that pokemon legends Z huh

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