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vryptid 🌙 655 days ago

i should.... get back on makin webbedsite..

vryptid 📰 781 days ago

some updates done and now i think... i shall succumb to lying down in bed zzz

vryptid ✏️ 784 days ago

things chuggin along. mostly swinging back to writing for a bit, whee

vryptid 🚄 788 days ago

chugging along, chugging along... toot toooooot

vryptid 📺 796 days ago

i'm glad i set up my monthly media list cos even when i dont Really feel like making big site updates its smth to maintain!

vryptid 🎶 797 days ago

today will be different..

vryptid 😡 798 days ago

today has been such a waste and i cant get jack fuckin shit started hurk.... i need to wake up a second time give me a do-over

vryptid 📺 801 days ago

getting back into xiv better not kill my desire to do Literally All Other Things lmfao

vryptid 😱 803 days ago

ended up taking a massive 6 hour ""nap"" lets see how badly this fucks my sleep (i had a headache! i wanted to lie down..)

vryptid 💀 803 days ago

love the horrendous neocities 'you updated!' i have rn evidence of how badly i fucked the site up last night ghfhgfhg its fine now!!

vryptid ☕ 804 days ago

having a suddenly very aimless mood today... i want to do smth but.... ehnnnn...

vryptid 🎶 805 days ago

oof ow me bones *marie kondos myself into the bin*

vryptid 😴 806 days ago

day of rest day of rest (aka only two appointments and a room reorganisation LOL)

vryptid ❤️ 807 days ago

little old craftspeople are fucking savage and i love them and im terrified of them

vryptid 💾 808 days ago

STILL cant decide how to do a blog. dreamwidth or just manually uploading... HMMMM...

vryptid 📖 809 days ago

nerdass spent 6 hours building a library catalogue and now ive run out of stuff to work on but the brain still go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

vryptid 💀 811 days ago

oof the last few days have been testing my energy levels...

vryptid 🐱 813 days ago

it is good to just feel like ah. i am Living..... i am Forming My Life... wonderful <3

vryptid 💀 814 days ago

dnd backstories are too much fun to develop augh im becoming one of Those players with a 10k backstory AND THE DM INSTIGATED THIS.......WHY.

vryptid 📖 814 days ago

hoohoo guess who is officially a librarian nowww