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🍮 I'm Flonne 🍮


vivarism 🙂 15 hours ago

I, too, can be normal

vivarism 😎 17 days ago

I am a Sans fangirl. A Sansgirl, if you wiil.

vivarism 😭 35 days ago

There are people out there who love CSS as much as I do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

vivarism 🍣 41 days ago

suddenly desperate for TamaTown Tune x MEGALOVANIA

vivarism 😴 48 days ago

if Sans is eating chisps then I want to lick and suck all the salt crumbs off his fingers. Simple as.

vivarism ☀️ 51 days ago

nothing more life-giving than canon x OC

vivarism 🌱 53 days ago

all i want is my shrubbery and my little patch of moss

vivarism ❄️ 63 days ago

Ahhhh its so cold on the bus.. wish sans undertale was here to c*ddle

vivarism ✨ 74 days ago

me: oh i'm lukewarm on drawing rn (5 minutes later) just signed up for artfight 2023!!!!!

vivarism 🥰 78 days ago

Hngnng Sans Undertale.....<3