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🍮 I'm Flonne 🍮


vivarism ✏️ 3 days ago

when will i finally feel rested lol

vivarism 👀 7 days ago

I want to hurt and kill myself all the time. That's probably not normal

vivarism 🎷 14 days ago


vivarism 😭 15 days ago

found a photo of my childhood crush... she's so 😭😭😭😭

vivarism ✨ 18 days ago

i wanna take a bath with sans...

vivarism 🍱 28 days ago

food related love songs currently stuck in my head: Kuroge Wagyu Joshio Tan Yaki 680 Yen && Milk (from Confessions)

vivarism 💤 32 days ago

what a nice birthday i had! now i'm super sleepy... zzz

vivarism 🍙 70 days ago

i need to be smaller. i need to be the size of a grain of rice. i want to be a little bacterium floating in a stagnant pool

vivarism ✨ 76 days ago

(eats and sleeps enough) wow! i've become God!!

vivarism 💤 78 days ago

Im not eating or sleeping enough... I wish I would not treat myself so poorly

vivarism ✈️ 79 days ago

going down again. it's ok. it will go back up again, too

vivarism 📰 80 days ago

Joy of receiving packages

vivarism 🌈 82 days ago

love sans loves sans love sans

vivarism ❤️ 84 days ago

it will never be perfect... but it never needed to be perfect. instead it will be okay, and okay is enough. just living is plenty.

vivarism 🌱 88 days ago

update: this weekend i did valuable things!!!!!!!!! now i need to rest for two years. goodnight.

vivarism 🥃 90 days ago

Too busy playing video games to do anything of value

vivarism 💾 91 days ago

sans undertale

vivarism ☀️ 95 days ago

friends of mineral town running sfx

vivarism 😎 98 days ago

up all night playing on my computer

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