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the ghost with the most


vincent 💾 330 days ago

finally feeling inspired for a site redesign

vincent 🌧️ 341 days ago

not doing very well emotionally...

vincent 🔥 343 days ago

its too hot again...

vincent 💾 358 days ago

skyrim skyrim skyrim skyrim skyrim skyrim skyrim

vincent 🔥 361 days ago

i would love to not be fucking melting right now

vincent 🐱 366 days ago

catboy hours

vincent 🎨 399 days ago

already working on a new site redesign

vincent 💾 399 days ago

going on a blinkie collecting spree

vincent 💀 400 days ago

it's so creepy being on campus during the summer

vincent 😭 401 days ago

i don't wanna go to work tomorrow

vincent 😴 402 days ago

lazy day, which is just how i like it

vincent 🤔 403 days ago

considering getting into the petz games

vincent 🐱 403 days ago

trying to find the positive

vincent 👀 404 days ago

being a hater

vincent 🍱 404 days ago

just had some lunch, now i think it's time to nap

vincent 🌙 404 days ago

still not fully awake yet.