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Just another dead thing


veyther 💀 14 hours ago

Waiting... waiting,.... waiting....

veyther 🙂 17 hours ago

I EMAILED SOMEONE OF A WHIM AND THEY AWNSERED I WIN SOCIAL INTERACTIONS also if your seeing this avert your eyes so you don't see my joy :P

veyther 🌱 1 day ago

phone broke wont stop me though :P, making art using my laptops touch pad :D I refuse to get taken out when I'm motivated

veyther 📰 17 days ago

reading about pirates

veyther ⛵ 20 days ago

Went for a walk by the beach it was really fun! Realized just how pretty the area where I live is take notice of the little things?

veyther 🤖 21 days ago

Taking back control defeating a devil a a day! Working on character profiles...

veyther 😭 23 days ago

My code broke apart yesterday and I just left the splash broken I was so upset, feel better now but AHHH time to fix it!

veyther ❄️ 25 days ago

Working on a drawing of Vendetta my beloved mer-prince and former outcast, oh how I love him <3

veyther 🐶 28 days ago

Rewatching Hannibal... again.

veyther 🌧️ 30 days ago

Wiggling On That Waggle Til I Wole

veyther 🤖 32 days ago

Never had so much fun losing at dance dance revolution yesterday by myself in a silent arcade when ddr was very loud SUOER FUN THOUGH

veyther 💾 33 days ago


veyther 🎬 33 days ago

Going to watch Mutant Mayhem today!!! Might start coding a film page afterwards :P

veyther 💀 35 days ago

Uploading all my Artfight attacks to tumblr currently and getting all the links is killing me (then T gotta upload to my site) *collapses*

veyther 💀 35 days ago

Been working on writing this fanfiction for so long TT-TT this plot outline is freaking huge