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My name is Kav.
I'm an unnatural blonde but don't let that fool you. I don't have any more fun than the average non-blond.


vexcharm 🌧️ 43 days ago

Terraforming my mind so you can live in it forever

vexcharm 🌙 82 days ago

Stop thinking so loudly. I can hear your thoughts.

vexcharm 🌱 105 days ago

Engaging in some pre-spring cleaning (also known as Normal cleaning) 🧹

vexcharm 🌧️ 119 days ago

It's rainy today but I don't mind

vexcharm ⛵ 120 days ago

Unexpected emergency happened so now I’m stuck on Saint Simons Island…

vexcharm 💡 149 days ago

Tying up loose ends

vexcharm 🌙 151 days ago

This is my last week of freedom.