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Just a queer fellow who should someday get around to putting together a silly little site of his own. I don't participate in social media, but this looked neat and reminded me of good old times


vermin 🙂 23 hours ago

Today was neat, actually- Record store was playing a favourite album. Hitchhiker's Guide was on at the weed shop, and my total was $42. Heh.

vermin 🌱 1 day ago

Home. Washed November off of me and got mauled by my cat. Now it's time to get REALLY hungry and binge watch some silly shit

vermin 😂 2 days ago

Shoutout to the unknown person at my dad's funeral who hissed a hasty "shit!" when their phone rang in the middle of communion prayers lmao

vermin 🌙 3 days ago

Halfway between home and not, relieved to put the worst of woes behind. Who knew I'd come out of it a brand new bastard. New tat tomorrow?

vermin 🎲 7 days ago

Spent the day with some of my favourite folx. Funny to think all our dads suck, but at least for the day none of us had to think about them.

vermin 💀 8 days ago

If I'd known while my dad was alive just now much I needed to fight him, I would've beat his ass to hell and back

vermin 📚 29 days ago

Thank you for the birthday wishes, friends