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Hiya, I'm vermillion! I'm here to relax and enjoy the metaphorical sun. Check out my website!


vermillion 🎶 63 days ago

wish i could've seen malice mizer live, those stages are grandiose

vermillion 🎶 99 days ago

love me some good deep house

vermillion 💀 160 days ago

People get so loud in study spaces for no reason... Do they only care for themselves?

vermillion 📖 180 days ago

chilling through the first week of the semester

vermillion 🌧️ 184 days ago

I hate snow mixed with rain, just wish it was sunny summer day...

vermillion 🎶 187 days ago

been really into r&b and sofa jazz lately

vermillion 🍱 188 days ago

Japanese curry is so good...

vermillion 💀 189 days ago

Sometimes code is such a mess

vermillion 💻 190 days ago

Creating the mother of all scripts (I Do Not Get Any Sleep)

vermillion ☀️ 191 days ago

the sun is so hard to calculate

vermillion 💻 191 days ago

to obfuscate or to minify... that is the question

vermillion ✨ 192 days ago

So glad sites like this exist...