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vashti 🫖 19 hours ago

In the "empty sea of faith."

vashti 📖 1 day ago

Read Le Petit Prince & wept. I don't know if I cried the first time I read it, but reading it in French was much more emotional somehow.

vashti ☕️ 4 days ago

Fun clothes & coffees, etc. I need to make a planner.

vashti 📚 12 days ago

I found my textbook for free! (On the side of the road of course, not online or anything like that.)

vashti 💤 15 days ago

Jet lag + a cold, yippee. Got one day to recover till school starts.

vashti ✈️ 42 days ago

Keep thinking about my Japan trip ^^

vashti ✈️ 45 days ago

Leaving for Japan in less than a week.

vashti 🎨 49 days ago

The Wounded Heron

vashti ☀️ 53 days ago

"a bubble in a stream"

vashti ❤️ 55 days ago

So happy in a gentle way, still sad, but even in my sadness there is a glow

vashti 🫖 61 days ago

Thinking about those uranium plates.

vashti ☕️ 62 days ago

Someone should shoot me. With a gun

vashti ❤️ 64 days ago

Hateful in a smug way

vashti ☕️ 68 days ago

do your fucking homework!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

vashti 🎬 71 days ago

Watched about half of Lily Chou-Chou; the movie is fine (so far), but it's overly long for what it is.

vashti ❤️ 74 days ago

Happy 30 cans of pineapple expiration day to all who celebrate.

vashti 🍙 75 days ago

Rice in the cooker! Nothing better than that, except maybe if I felt happy right now. That would probably be better. Or if I weren't sick.

vashti ☀️ 76 days ago

Been wearing jewellery lately, but in the way a man does.

vashti 🌙 78 days ago


vashti 🌈 80 days ago

I'm freeeeeeeeeee

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