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stuff i feel like shouting Adopt one today!


vanillian 😎 1 day ago

infinite resolution

vanillian 😎 5 days ago

getting my mom on

vanillian 🤒 8 days ago

do you remember how the ducks smelled?

vanillian 🥗 122 days ago

but you forgot the feel of living 🥺 it's warm and it's forgiving

vanillian 🎶 128 days ago

off in the world, off in the world

vanillian ❄️ 158 days ago

how do humans cope with accidents? what are heroes? what is saving?

vanillian 😂 193 days ago


vanillian ✨ 224 days ago

love u creators so much.. even when things seem to be getting darker u all keep creating light and life

vanillian ☀️ 242 days ago

another day for you

vanillian 🍾 309 days ago

"staring in shock at someone that appeared to be something resembling a toddler and the devil"

vanillian 🤖 310 days ago

deaner! deaner!! dude!!! where can you be?

vanillian 🍏 341 days ago

haunting my own apartment

vanillian ❄️ 357 days ago

snowpity (rediscovering what being alive means somewhat)

vanillian 🐶 364 days ago

who up puppin' they dog

vanillian 🌧️ 365 days ago

tally hall moshpit

vanillian 🙂 366 days ago

they weren't kidding about godot 4. autism be damned this god can dot!!!

vanillian ❄️ 368 days ago

i now have reason to believe i have always been big chilling and nothing has ever changed that

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