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sleepy prince girl... (。-ω-)zzz

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vancoi 😭 8 days ago

shoulders hurt. but at least i worked out today

vancoi ❤️ 22 days ago

feel pretty and relaxed after doing my before-bed skincare and changing into cozy PJs... goodnight!

vancoi 🌧️ 23 days ago

an evening shower is so nice.... =w=

vancoi 😱 30 days ago

i want curry so bad rn

vancoi ☀️ 30 days ago

i keep sneezing >_> screw u pollen!!!!!!!!!!!!

vancoi 📚 38 days ago

despite the stress, im going to try my best

vancoi 🥺 39 days ago

stayed up too late again :/

vancoi 🍣 47 days ago

lunch was tasty... but it made me sleepy lol

vancoi 😭 48 days ago

today was sort of emotionally awful... but at least i got cookies :P

vancoi 💤 49 days ago

got some css done... now it's sleepy time ^^

vancoi 🧀 50 days ago

dinner was tasty! now i've gotta buckle down and get studying...

vancoi ✨ 64 days ago

i think things may shake out alright...!

vancoi 🌱 66 days ago

anxious today, but a nice shower makes me feel a bit stronger

vancoi ☕️ 67 days ago

snorkkkk mimimi =w= morning shift time even if we’re sleepy…!

vancoi 🥺 67 days ago

sunday scaries bwaaaghh

vancoi ☕️ 69 days ago

(late) morning coffee and animal crossing ^.^

vancoi 🙂 69 days ago

work is all good so far ^.^

vancoi ☕️ 70 days ago

thinking abt restarting my neocities as if i dont have work in 20 min lol

vancoi 🐱 70 days ago

my kitty cat is sitting on my lap!! ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡

vancoi 😴 70 days ago

good morning… got work today >_>

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