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vampirology ☕️ 69 days ago

delicious chai latte my beloved

vampirology 😯 72 days ago

hmm. kind of want to redo my site again

vampirology 🎮 77 days ago

started playing cdda again <- doomed

vampirology 😴 79 days ago

What is "inspiration" and where can I get some?

vampirology 💀 84 days ago

i have got to start writing again

vampirology 😴 88 days ago

having a job is so hateful

vampirology 😇 93 days ago

finally scheduled for more piercings this weekend

vampirology 🙂 94 days ago

got a new keyboard ^_^ it makes a really good typing noise

vampirology 🤩 96 days ago

Okonomiyaki is soooooo good

vampirology 😭 97 days ago

Back to work tomorrow... fml