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vampcat7000 🐶 369 days ago

enjoying my vaycay rn ... blog time mayhaps!

vampcat7000 💔 437 days ago

having a gay moment (as always) but turned up to 1000000

vampcat7000 🎶 481 days ago

crying to flw again . just another day being #emo

vampcat7000 🥱 489 days ago

just rewatched scott pilgrim he is such a loser . ell oh ell. im tired..

vampcat7000 💔 525 days ago

i am so tired of school i need a project again

vampcat7000 🐶 531 days ago


vampcat7000 ✏️ 541 days ago

looping foundations and i finally have art ideas

vampcat7000 🐶 548 days ago

updated a bunch of stuff and chilled all day... soon i'll be able to implement the gallery !!!

vampcat7000 💔 561 days ago

shout out to people at school for being the worst ever actually 3:

vampcat7000 ✨ 564 days ago

i NEED to rewatch madoka magica rn i need to cosplay madoka.

vampcat7000 🎶 565 days ago

so sad i missed the ls dunes concert in my area

vampcat7000 🎶 568 days ago

top .01 of mcr listeners and 16,747 minutes. i love being gay

vampcat7000 🐱 571 days ago

jerma nine eight five...