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A boring disaster trying to make things bigger than usual.


user_maldito 🥹 2 days ago

A la mierda estar depre. Me desperté con un correo de una artista respondiendo las preguntas que le hice y estoy en el 5to cielo

user_maldito 🥺 3 days ago

No me encuentro bien, pero no quiero ser molesto (aquí) contando mis penurias. Tenía pensado cambiar la temática de mi blog al español.

user_maldito 🤖 4 days ago

Am I adicted to code? That though crossed my mind when a hang out with my friends. I was thinking all the time: what page should I do next?

user_maldito 🥹 9 days ago

I was sad until I missclick a link and took me to my web stats. "No way! 400K views?! And 2M hits!" I mean, tysm <3 Next Update: Surpr-eyes

user_maldito 🤒 10 days ago

Ahora estoy más activo in the community of Neocities (Discord and Reddit). It feels cool

user_maldito 🥳 15 days ago

User's Performance Update is out!! It's fast, it's good and (I need to know if) it's intuitive! I need to think abt my next Update... ~ Bye!

user_maldito 🥺 16 days ago

I forgot spacehey so much hehe, my bad. But...! I wanna do a cool theme 4 my profile like one of my page. I have so many ideas...!

user_maldito ✨ 22 days ago

Feeling flawless Why?: I got dressed up nice, met a friend at a coffee shop, chatted about making a website together and said goodbye. :)))

user_maldito 😭 25 days ago

AHHHHRRG!! Now I need to change everything... Again! ~ Slow User

user_maldito 🥰 25 days ago

Happy with my update (User's Update), little worried for my upcoming update (User's Confidants).