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uri your beautiful webangle (he/she)


uriel ✨ 34 days ago

im graduating!! finally some free time.. will work on the site soon. also, anyone have 123guestbook alternatives T_T

uriel 🥳 71 days ago

ive been so busy with school it actually hurts. dont go to college you will NOT get more knowledge. also yesterday was my birthday yay im 20

uriel 🎮 145 days ago

playing like a dragon 8 for the foreseeable future. expect little update lol

uriel 🙂 152 days ago

running out of update time! trip then sick then cramming my winter courses then spring semester starts! help me im so busy.

uriel 😇 167 days ago

got distracted by holidays and now winter courses and soon a trip! plan to update at least monthly due to nye resolution

uriel 🤒 191 days ago

finals week making me ill

uriel 😭 196 days ago

last two weeks of college more like last two weeks of loosing my mind

uriel 💤 209 days ago

home at last after a terrible holiday im ready to pass out forever

uriel 📺 215 days ago

been watching a lot of house md and good lord they need to make gaybait like this again

uriel 😶 220 days ago

keep trying to code a new diary and giving up

uriel 🎨 222 days ago

crocheted a bunch of gifties + now i have soc hw. feeling productive

uriel 🌈 227 days ago

got so stressed today thx to college but at least im coding again

uriel 💾 237 days ago

getting my new laptops set up.. rip to the hinges on the other one

uriel ✨ 241 days ago

just finished mask girl. i sniffled my way through that finale T_T

uriel 😭 242 days ago

its literally been 2 months since i updated my site LMAO the hyperfix ended and then i got sick and swamped with homework

uriel ☕️ 284 days ago

sweetlings im so sorry i will come back soon but i have so much work and im sickly

uriel 😇 292 days ago

first week of school is over, still finishing my hw though

uriel 🙃 304 days ago

site burnout hit but god i need to update some of the pages

uriel 😶 305 days ago

doing so much and still forgetting to write in my diary about it

uriel 💻 307 days ago

burned my first cd ever yaaay its for sunnys bday gift

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