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uri your beautiful webangle (he/she)


uriel ☕️ 12 days ago

sweetlings im so sorry i will come back soon but i have so much work and im sickly

uriel 😇 21 days ago

first week of school is over, still finishing my hw though

uriel 🙃 32 days ago

site burnout hit but god i need to update some of the pages

uriel 😶 33 days ago

doing so much and still forgetting to write in my diary about it

uriel 💻 36 days ago

burned my first cd ever yaaay its for sunnys bday gift

uriel 🌈 37 days ago

i get to ttrpg again after like a year tonite yippee yay

uriel 😶 38 days ago

tumblr ui updated and its ugly as balls

uriel 🥰 39 days ago

going to the zoo for my partners bday hehe

uriel 🥳 40 days ago

i got hired! employed webangel