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unwokenocto 💔 4 days ago

RIP Nintendo Network...

unwokenocto 😭 9 days ago

Wii U/3DS shutdown in 4 days :( Need people to play Splatoon 1 with!!

unwokenocto 🥰 134 days ago

Splashdown my beloved

unwokenocto 🧐 156 days ago

Making my own Action Replay codes is fun!

unwokenocto ☕️ 163 days ago

Yummy yummy tiramisu for my café (hacking my Wii U just for fun)

unwokenocto 🎮 186 days ago

Grinding out my Splatoon 1 rank before the shutdown... where are all the players at??

unwokenocto ✨ 205 days ago

Currently shoving wiimote hardware into an NES zapper

unwokenocto 📺 215 days ago

Why does Zelda 2's title screen show a sword when the game doesn't have any swords in it besides the nameless sword you have from the start?

unwokenocto 💻 218 days ago

Finally set up my new laptop for development, so it's time to get back into PokeWalker emulation development after a 6 month hiatus!!

unwokenocto 👽 219 days ago

ET is one of the best Atari games and you can't change my mind