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gradually deshittifying my internet experience, one silly little site at a time

i still use tumblr but thats just cause im attached to my mutuals lol

its funny seeing so many people here who i recognise from tumblr... hiiii


ufcosmo 😶 6 days ago

cant say how i feel in exacts. imagine molasses or perhaps pitch? wriggling out of it though...

ufcosmo 🌈 17 days ago

oh to share the same blanket with you

ufcosmo 🌈 17 days ago

tired and painful but doing fine?

ufcosmo ☀️ 22 days ago

yeah. things are looking up for me

ufcosmo ✏️ 24 days ago

i like drawing and playing ^_^

ufcosmo 🌙 26 days ago

ahh... things are looking up finally...

ufcosmo 🌧️ 29 days ago

i'm trying my hardest and yet its just not enough at all

ufcosmo ☀️ 31 days ago

getting there. doing a bit better compared to the past week

ufcosmo 😶 33 days ago

i havent had a coherent thought in 4 days

ufcosmo 😶 34 days ago

havent done anything of actual use in like a week. giving myself the leeway thanks to the new meds

ufcosmo ☀️ 35 days ago

feeling more than the day before and yesterday. still feeling quite nothing but not as nothing as before

ufcosmo 😶 37 days ago

still feeling as nothing as yesterday... hope its just me adjusting to new meds

ufcosmo 🎶 37 days ago


ufcosmo 😶 38 days ago

woke up feeling nothing, like my eyes were hollowed out and the wind whistled by them

ufcosmo 😴 38 days ago

too fatigued and miserable to do much of anything. fortunately... im on actual antidepressants now ^_^ my chemical cocktail grows...

ufcosmo 😭 41 days ago

I FUCKED UP MY PUDDING glad it was still edible and i know what happened tho

ufcosmo 😴 41 days ago

been so damn busy today... cant wait for some pudding

ufcosmo ✨ 42 days ago

making my site look better and more fun... slow but rewarding

ufcosmo 🍾 43 days ago


ufcosmo 🥱 43 days ago

soooo tuckered out....

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